Ugly duckling–in my way,

Let I, let thee go far astray?

Belay, Belay!! The Way of Pay,

Bestay, Bestay!! Off and away!!

To take, and trust, all difficulty’s bay–

Sheer madness, stubbornness–masochistic I say!

Let off, let off!! Idiotish martyr you may,

Simply walk the easy road.


Upon A Morning

I dreamed of a thing I’d call lover.

I dreamed but awake I could not manifest.

I dreamed of a beloved, of a spirit other,

Of subject worthy of contemporary geste.

I woke this morning in wanting,

To feel female breath, all rhythmic in sleep,

On my arm, but I woke, reality broke,

My dream tide’s a waning neap.

I opened mine eyes to a lambency,

Then declining the dawning, shuttered lids.

Then I indulged in fascination; I lazed in imagery,

Her chirrup of laughter; a divert, a fancy,

Her smile in dreaming, drawing softly,

And lived this reality a while I did.

Dated: October 26th, 2015.

Written in rhyming scheme: ABAB/ABAB/ABAAAB