Happiness Made Manifest

I want to be happy. I want to feel the flush of it against my cheeks. I want to see the light of it reflected in another’s eyes. I want it made manifest in the brilliance of the world around me, let the sunlight glitter upon my path forward, like lightening bugs, to hover then and show the way. Only the way is happiness, and I know that miles down that path I am as happy as I am today. I want to feel the happiness in the walls of my home, in the foodstuffs I eat, in the art I make. Let my hands wander over clay, upon wood, smooth over glass, and let them bring happiness into form there. Let the happiness meet my spouse, let it bask on her skin as reflective surface. I want to be this happy, everyday, let life create itself before me, reflective of myself, and this vibration I hold so naturally. I want to find the shadows terribly amusing, let the happiness ride so high it picks me up should I fall, into the depths of them. I want to find that nothing can cage me, not place nor person nor fear. I want to know this life is simple fun, and joy, and live that. I want to find the earthly pleasures, partake, and leave them unattached for I know I can always do so again. I am so thrilled by this vision, I know this is possible, I can and do create this. I am this. This is me. Happiness, at the very height of me. I am pleased to see it reflected in the words I allow to flow through me. I am so thrilled to feel this laid upon other people, by my very spirit. I am so glad to know I am all happiness, all freedom, all light, all glory and gorgeousness. I want my fears to seem highlights of happiness as opportunity. I want to know nothing in my life is ugly, for it is my eyes which choose to perceive it glorious beauty. I want beauty in my everyday. I want this life. Give me a home made of laughter and peace. Give me friends who reflect me and become me and move me. Give me love everlasting, romance of the ages, commitment devoted and deep. I want happy. Give me happy. I am happy. Let it be.


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