Sending Love

Dear Ones,

What happened to you was a tragedy. I address you individually and as a nation and as part of our human race, for I identify with you, and I grieve with you during this time. It is all I can do but offer words. Regardless of their weight here they are.

You find yourselves reeling, from the emotions which overwhelm, from the aftermath, from the wounds recieved, and I grieve with you. This was not meant to be; this was not meant to be in a kind world, where love reigns. And what we live in is a world just on the brink of that, a world yet to come into it’s own, a world grasping at it’s dying ego in fear, and hurting all who get in the way. We live in a world of sadness today.

Beloved ones, now is the time in which we find ourselves separate, from brother and friend and people. We find ourselves separate from those we should hold most dear; separated by borders and parties and beliefs which make us so wrapped up in these goings on we forget the central issue which remains; humanity is fighting a war. It is not a war of territory or state, it is not a war of people or ideal, it is a war we hold with ourselves, out of desperate grasping to keep the truth from flaying us alive. It is the very fact that we are all the same.

You look across a border and see a person of difference, of nation, of color, of creed; you look and see someone unlike you, and you forget, this person is you. This person is your brother, your sister, your lover, your friend; this person is you but experiencing this life from a different perspective. And you forget that this person does not deserve to suffer the weight of your pain and fear, as you suffer it; just as you do not deserve to suffer theirs. The world in which I live, I look at humanity with unjaundiced eyes; the filtering of something undeserving once over them, and as I become more aware painstakingly I’ve removed this film, until I see the truth behind it. We are all the same. We are all humanity; we share this planet, this life, this now, and we try so hard to seek our best choices. And we fail, but failure is acceptable, for failure means learning.

I implore you, learn now, dear ones, that this attack was born of fear, and must be met with love. Find love to protect yourselves from further attacks, find love for the dead which gave up their lives for your realizations, find love for those who grieve with you and feel your pain as their own and offer support, find love for those who attacked you out of fear, misaligned on their path as they are. Find love in every motivation, even as you seek out justice, or answers, or healing. Find and respond not with additional fear, but with the love you bear for those who died, and now return to spirit, and will send their love in turn.

I send those who suffered this tragedy infinite love. I send you love from where I am, from where I sit in this body, to where I be in spirit, one with all of you. I send you love hoping this message finds you, comforts, and gives hope where a terrifying moment stole it away. I regret my message is so limited in scope, if I could I would scoop out the love in my heart and hand it to you as salve, but I am but human, and so I send human love in words. And I trust, beloved dear ones, you hear me and find peace.



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