Infinite Breath

Like a violin touching her felt like strings plucked in my spine. They echoed, vibrated, ran up my spine to sit in my throat, open my mouth, escape in sound and sigh. Her mouth echoed me, her body arching into my touch, my skin, my space; expectant, asking, wanting. Adore me, her body begged without words needed, touch my skin, my heart, my spirit. Over her, my breath escaped to her mouth, to give to her the air I’d breathed, to take back the air she breathed, to breath together, in infinite return, like a tree breathing into us as we breathe into it, in endless cycle. I lived in her breath, I watched her give and take, my chest pressed to hers, breasts rising and falling in perfect mirror. I watched her eyes feel my touch, I saw when she felt my break into the world within, and noticed her own fall with me. Still breathing, we became, all infinite, all divine, all beauty in breath and body, and then spirit. Like a violin in endless refrain, strings tethered us to our physical wanting, and we ascended, we fell, into the hands of the infinite sky, broken free of earthly bonds, broken free of body, and end, and yet still breathing. And pleasure came below, bodies unprepared for such beautiful glory, and as below it came above, universe exploding beyond perception, into our empty, receptive, universal spirit, as we breathed as one. Dying, born, beyond mimicry of our physical form. Breathe into me we requested of each other, and as below we did above, breathing spirit into beloved spirit into beloved. And did we descend, I know not, for I have not awoken, I have not breathed, I have not remembered, below.


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