I am alone.

I walk on my feet. I see with mine eyes. I choose with my stomach. I eat of the earth. I die consciously. I am alone.

I have seen no one for days beyond days. I have seen not a soul nor a speck of activity upon the face of this plane save me. I walk up the mountains, beside the creek beds. I travel the roads gone to dust, trek the forests, swim the seas. I traverse the whole world in a lifetime. I see most everything. Alone I saw it, alone I woke into it, alone I was of it, and alone I die.

Were I to assume the existence of another such as I to give this experience to in words, and hear you ask if I was lonely, I would tell you I am not. And it is not because I know not what other’s be, but because in my aloneness I am free. There is not another to behold me.

Did it ever occur to you the moment another perceives you; you change? You become something to be perceived, categorized, labeled, inside the brain. You become a single shine on an infinite prism of what you truly be. And as they continue to perceive you, they might see to other planes, see more of you; and yet never can they fathom all you are. They cannot even yet fathom themselves. And so the moment another holds you in their perception, they limit you.

And even as I say that, I say they cannot. It was your choice to be so perceived in the first place. You imagined this potential other into existence, you imagined their perspective, you imagined their view. And verily I say it was thine own dream which saw you from such limited scope. It was thine own want. It was thine own choice.

In actuality it was mine. Because I am alone.


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