Dear Universe,

I know there is an abundance of currency worldwide. I know there is a good amount available that is not being used. I know that much of what isn’t being used is given away to the needy or simply horded or made to multiply. I know there are people out there who have money and want to give it to charities of their choice. I know there are people out there who want to donate to artist, up and coming people with talent and skill due to their love of art music writing etc. I know I am the kind of person who would benefit from such help. I know there is an excess of opportunities to meet people such as this in NYC. I know these people would be interested in knowing I could be of use to their charity and would be willing to help me invest in myself. I know there is a literal excess of funds for people such as this to give away to people such as me. I know these people would be honored to give their money away sure their funds go to the needy, or a simple person not yet having found their big break. I know I am in need of such charity and generosity and good will and have the kind of personality that would be charming to those kind of people to a reassuring degree. I know I refuse to allow myself to reject such kindness in the future. I know such kindness is love in a simple form for me to see. I know I would adore the opportunity to go to college or create art and writing and beauty in accordance with what I would like to see. I know my vision is one others would like, it is sort of in Vogue so to speak, and others would be happy to see my talent shared with the world at large. I know I would love to have these opportunities in my hands and there is and an abundance of opportunities such as these just waiting for me to allow them. I know I am eager to see these opportunities and pick the one that I wish to follow or find them all able to follow and further my dream of learning as much as possible. I know I am more than capable of learning everything I want to know, that money is just the means to seek that learning, an energy to fuel the brain and body so to speak, and I know I can see this energy In the world, feel its presence, taste its very essence in this now without seeing it. I know I want this to manifest in the physical world so I may enjoy the learning process knowing I already have this information, and everything I need, and simply must enjoy the existence of it. I know I am determined to get out of my own way. And I have learned all my lessons, finalized my mastery of what I have learned, and now I am eager and attuned to the idea of enjoying this life and realizations and incarnations of desired things and people and experience, and I am anticipating the arrival of all of these.




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