Dear Universe,

I want a gothic black cute lesbian with a sarcastic wit, a quick tongue, anime gamer fashion taste, artistic, logical and scientific too, very intelligent, good at everything, tall, a body attractive to me, dominant, looking for a gothic white short  lesbian pet. I want her to have money and inspiration. Both be spiritual on a level equal with me but it don’t have to be exactly like mine. I want her to be unique, similar, moral, honest, loyal, committed to those she loves, with the ability to move past any pain and give love a hell of a good go. She’s got to be well spoken, clean, healthy as fuck, loves sex, want kids one day, doesn’t fuck guys or at least not more than one person at a time. Very monogamous. Has a good job, friends and family id get on with, no kids yet, an accepting nature, laid back, loud when necessary, quiet when necessary, a reader, a lover of art, books, writing, supportive, kind, sweet, pretty, beautiful, weird strange unique lovely alternative. Want it fast, love to sweep away the doubt, I want it to be easy with her. I want it long term. Lots of sex. I want her to have qualities I never knew I would love but find I won’t without them in a partner after I finally see them. I want her to be the one to awaken me to more. I want to find myself in her eyes.




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