The frightful epiphany.

I conclude love doesn’t die.

It isn’t born either.

It doesn’t end. You don’t ‘fall out of it”, find ‘a greater love’, or suddenly realize it was never love to begin with. In fact you don’t “fall in love” either, although the feeling is a bit of a fall.

It’s your barriers that fall away. Its the stripping away of the beliefs that cage you inside walls that tell you you are limited in what you can have. You know, the ones that say, “You were hurt before, you will be again.” “You’re not good enough.” “You’ll end up alone.” “Everyone’s gonna leave you.” Yes, those barriers, the ones built of fear, and memory, and pain.

Those, upon finding love, all fall away, chased away by pure, unduluted appreciation. We fall for another’s attributes, for their personality, for their likes and dislikes, for their actions, talents, beauty. We fall for the things we see, that inside us, resonate, and we can say, yes, I like that. And feel that yes inside. And we feel love, in the middle of all the barriers of fear and memory and pain, and we let them go.

And they fall away. Leaving what was always there.


In fact, the other person both means everything, and nothing at all.

It’s because the other person isn’t what you love. It’s what you see inside them, that reminds you what you love in you, for we can’t attract to us what we are not. In essence, loving others, reminds up we actually love ourselves. It’s a discovery, a finding, an epiphany.

And we get scared by it. It’s too big, too fantastic, to realize, too amazing to accept. We get scared and the fears begin, bulding up walls again, the same walls, only now they’re reinforced, built up better, stronger, to keep us that much more safe. They are built, and eventually they block out the love we feel, the appreciation, the connection between us and the US we see in them

And then we say, love died. We fell out of it. It got lost. We say, it’s over.

And given the right motivation those obstacles can be cleared away completely,  or momentarily set aside at least. But the walls always come back. We always put them back. Reinforce the limiting beliefs, push away the epiphanies, deny ourselves the truth.

Why? Actually, the why it’s very simple.

Falling in love is fun.  Finding the love, it’s everything.

When we forget the love is there, we get to rediscover it, find it again. Fall in love again. And we enjoy the expansion of it. The construction of more and more love. Love for another. Love for ourselves. 

It’s a discovery of self.

Love doesn’t die.  It isn’t born.  It just is. 

It’s us.


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