Life Pastel

I love pastel. I love life lived in pastel. I love life lived in the pale reflection of what actually is. I love the world seen through rose tint, I love the idea that I can make my own reality by just imagining it. I love this one called Abraham Hicks, because the message I recive is validation . I love being good, being told I am good, that i am doing well, and can be everything I want. I love the idea that this life is my choice, and what I do is my choice, and what I experienc is my choice, and i love the feeling of getting exactly what I ask for, and being able to hold that dream made real in my hand. I love imagining what’s to come, or what could, or just being in the imagining, as if that were the reality not this. I love this life. I love the feeling of happiness in the air around me, like the smallest pinpricks of soap bubbles, in pastel colors, winking around me in a misty cloud of joy. I love the feeling of them in my throat. I love feeling the world, as if perception in me is not just seeing, but a taste, that is spacial and visual, and three d like a touch.  Like I taste the demension of it.

I love the world in my head. I love the feeling of emotions around me, on my skin, so light and sweet and kind. So wanting to just be. I love people who bring out this feeling in me  I love the laughter and heaven that comes of a relationship that happens where I am full of this feeling when with them. I love giving this feeling to that person in return, I love that they feel so full of the very soul of themselves in my presence, of me in my soul with them, that we become happy in sync together. I love the feeling that this person knows me, loves me, want to feel this with me, wants to add to it for the feelings they get themselves. I love learning and teaching I love becoming. I love becoming more and more in pastel in the world. As if my TrueSelf is just a ghost, of rose pastel, in terms shadow of me, less a shadow less a darker self, but more like a light self, a mirage, a rainbow, a crystalline cast on the floor, from a shot of sunshine on the multifaceted  reality. I love the feeling I have when I love laura. I love the feeling so strong because it touches this space inside of me that sees everything as beautiful. I love the feeling that I am never going to end, that happiness is the reality and everything else is the dream. I love the wanting for love.


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